February 25, 2024

2 Room’s Clinic To India’s Longest chain Infertility Clinic in India, Journey Of Indira IVF Udaipur

Dr.Ajay Murdia, the founder & chairman of Indira IVF group set the foundation of Indira infertility clinic in the year 1988 in Udaipur focusing on Male infertility. With a vision to provide affordable treatment for every segment of society and higher success rate of IVF procedure, he introduced “Closed Working Chamber”, an advanced IVF technique imported from Australia in May 2011 at Indira IVF. Dr. Murdia is serving as an infertility specialist since past 39 years. Incorporation and developing a team of experts gynecologists, embryologists, nutritionists and paramedical personnel, he works hand in hand to bring the joy of parenthood to childless couples.

As a result of his several years of practice and research on successful Reproductive Medicine and Treatments, his guidance has made it possible for every Indira IVF centre to finely tune the approach for the complex medical details and issues involved in helping couples become new parents.
Indira IVF Clinic is the brain child of Dr. Ajay Murdia incepted in a 2 room clinic. With his years of dedication and efforts, Indira IVF has been involved in the Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) from the inception of such procedures as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), GIFT and ICSI. Indira IVF has brought groundbreaking revolutions in the field of IVF technology in India. In 2011 Kshitiz & Nitij son of Dr. Ajay Murdiya Joined Indira IVF & Started expansions with a mission vision that every needy patient should not travel more than 200 Kilometers for the advanced facility of infertility / IVF treatments based on Four A’s Pillar Strategy.
Affordability, Accessibility, Awareness & Accuracy
Now Indira IVF group is chain of 24 centers and coming with approx 30 new centers before 31st March 2018 & Happiness brought to more than 20,000 couples since 2011 with IVF/ICSI

All Center offers all the facilities needed for assisted reproduction/infertility treatment like sonography, hormone assays, laparoscopy/hysteroscopy surgeries, IVF laboratory, and comprehensive female as well as male fertility diagnosis tests and treatment under one roof at each of our centre. Incorporating latest technology and a brilliant team, Indira IVF designs a specific and individual treatment protocol for every couple depending on their medical conditions and fertility goals. All patients will be provided with information which supports their rights to make informed decisions and personal choices and respected for their informed choice to refuse or discontinue the recommended treatment.
The devoted team of physicians is recognized nationally and internationally for their extensive clinical experience, outstanding academic credentials, and research contributions, as well as for their success in treating the most challenging fertility cases.
With help of multi-lingual customer support, patients from India and other countries are assisted to provide nothing but the best patient care. Our staff can also help patients monitor off site and provide care accordingly.
When we asked Dr. Murdiya, what was the biggest challenge during expansion, his reply was HR, he was not able to find suitable team members according to the requirements and every good leader has a quality to come out with challenges and came with advanced training center at Udaipur exclusively for those who join Indira IVF group.
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