April 17, 2024

5 Things To Shop From Udaipur

Rajasthan jewelry is gorgeousness re-defined. If you have seen the Bollywood movie ‘ Jodha Akbar’ and drooled over the jewels of Aishwarya Rai ( as Jodha Bai) that bore the marks of legendary Polki, Kundan and Meenakari jewellery design of Rajasthan; then Udaipur is the place where you can collect them at your heart’s content and after lots of bargaining.
 Is your area of concern lies with the dying conditions of Indian artisans and you wanted to make a little contribution towards their upliftment? Are you touring around Rajasthan and like to take a memorable keepsake with you back home, once your trip is over? For the above three questions, the answer lies with buying Rajasthani jewelry, which Udaipur has aplenty. From Polki chukkas to Kundan naulakha necklace or meenakari maang tikka whichever jewelry item you lay your hands upon, will stun you with its perfect finishing touches, hand-picked stones, and flawless aesthetic appeal. Palace Road, Bada Bazar is some of the popular arcades in Udaipur for purchasing jewelry.
If you are passionate about interior decoration and consider that a beautiful painting can change the whole vibe of a room, then Udaipur is the place to be. Traditional paintings of Rajasthan like the Pichwai paintings, the Phad paintings, and Rajasthan miniature paintings are sold at negotiable prices; especially in Hathi-Pol Bazaar in Udaipur.
Pichwai means ‘at the back’. This traditional art form had originated in Nathdwara and then spread across the whole state. You can find these vivid paintings on hand-spun fabrics as well as on machine-made ones. A colorful Pichwai painting depicting the ras Leela of Srikrishna or a royal procession can bring an ethnic touch to your drawing room. Apart from that, Phad paintings of Rajasthan which mainly focuses on portraying religious motifs- can entice you with their vibrant colors. Lastly, miniature paintings of Rajasthan which had been an amalgamation of Mughal art and Rajputana’s own home-grown Mewar School of Art, also make for a collector’s item.
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If pure leathers don’t repulse you, then indulge yourself with camel leather items- the famous offerings of Rajasthan; and which are highly visible in any local market of Udaipur. As one can relate Udaipur with splashes of colors, you can expect that the pure leather items that are available there, also emulating bright tints and sequins. Whether its purses, wallets, jootis or jackets- a splurge at your heart’s content while exploring the local markets of Udaipur.
Manufacturing of leather items is one of the small-scale industries in Rajasthan and if you even end up buying few pieces, rest assured that in some way you are making a little contribution towards encouraging this small-scale industry. It’s always advisable to purchase the camel leather products from street vendors, as they leave some scope for bargaining. Otherwise, from fixed-price shops, you run a chance of getting cheated on when it comes to price.
Antique furniture has a growing market in Udaipur. It’s another thing that most of us relate antique pieces with truckloads of money, but if the lady luck is on your side and if you have persistence, then definitely you shall land up at places that sell antique articles at cheaper prices and allow bargaining also.
If you are an interior designer, then it could be all the more interesting for you, as in Udaipur, you can pick up lots of interesting antique stuff that can catch the fancy of your clients back home- thus leading to a boom in your profession. On the other hand, if you are hunting down for antique pieces mainly due to private collection and if you are obsessed with everything associated with the antiquity of Rajasthan; then shops like The Royal Retreat, Rajasthan Art Industry, and Karni Ethnic Creation are some of the right destinations for you.
When it comes to clothes, Rajasthan comes out as a winner hands down, in terms of color and vividness, among all the states in India. If you have seen the Bollywood movie ‘Raam Leela’, then there is every chance that you get wowed each time Deepika Padukone graced the screen with her to-die-for lehenga-choli combinations that bore trademark Rajasthani style. Udaipur is laden with shops that sell the customary Rajasthani Bandhani print in forms of- sari, kurta, lehenga, chunni or bags. Apart from Bandhni, you can also go for blouses or stoles embroidered with mirror works.

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