April 17, 2024

Every woman deserves equal rights – Param Arora

paramEvery woman deserves equal rights..she is a role model for the society. every woman deserve respect, love, care, affection, appreciation, equality…n more then this.at a time she handles her family, her kid’s, her job..she is bundle of joy for her family..where ever she go’s she spreads her all love to everyone’s life n glitter there life’s with her love..
In India n some more country’s most of the people think women’s education is not necessary.even women’s r not treated well too.if women’s r not educated how come the next generation will be educated…
But it we c our ancient time. we have goddess Durga , goddess Laxmi , goddess Saraswati n soo many goddesses whom we worship them n they r equal like another God.our veda’s tell us soo many stories..at that time when women’s are not less than anyone when why today when we r in the 20th century, housewife when science is more progressive we think women’s r less than anyone…
God send men n women equal on this earth..who r we to decide anything..??
I think women’s r more strong then men’s..they give birth to a child..after barring all the pain…The most courageous thing in the world to give birth a child.she is next to God.. every woman either housewife or working, she deserves every happiness in the world..a big salute to every woman.
Proud to be a women…

  • Param Arora

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