March 27, 2023
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Recognized physiotherapists of Udaipur inaugurated their first registered association under the banner of USRP on Saturday under the leadership of Dr. Gaurav Paiwal as President, Dr. Sudhanshu Kumar as General Secretary, Dr. Shailendra Mogra as Treasurer and Dr. Narendra Tiwari as coordinator.

Dr. Anupam Mehrotra, Dr. Vandana Panwar, Dr. Jafar Sadiq, Dr. Kaushalya Dangi, Dr. Himanshi Mahavar, Dr. Varsha Soni, Dr. Sumeeta Grover will be executive members.

On the occasion, Dr. Sudhanshu Kumar addressed the crowd spreading the awareness of physiotherapy as a profession and its advances in our very own Udaipur.

Dr. Gaurav Paiwal put forward the targets of association, the betterment of the profession, promoting easy, approachable and complete care for Pain patients, sports injury patients, paralysis patients and other physiotherapy treatments and putting control over unqualified and inexperienced physiotherapy practice in Udaipur and around.

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