March 27, 2023
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Positive effects of waking up early – students and working professionals

We have seen our parents and grandparents getting up early morning. People retire from their work but they still wake-up early. This habit has done wonders to their health.
For the students, too, waking up early has had a positive effect on their scores compared to those who got up late. When you get up early, you are likely to follow a fixed routine which results in a good health as your digestive system is active in a healthy way. You eat well and your body’s conversion plant helps in absorption of food in time resulting in the food acids regulating your mind in a healthier way. Your food cycle works on your mind and helps you to eat the other meals of the day in a healthier manner. Once your tummy is comfortable, you don’t laze around and can concentrate on your studies more actively. A student’s mind grasps the lessons more effectively when he follows an early morning routine.
For the working professionals, getting up early helps productivity. Since there are fewer distractions in the early hours of the day and your brain is charged and active after a good sleep, you are able to grasp things better. This enables your decision making power giving you good work results.
Mental health improves when you get up early since the need to rush for doing things doesn’t arise. An early riser gets ample time to chalk out the entire day creating an organised lifestyle for days to follow. A day well spent always shows positive results since it adds to your energy in carrying out your routine without getting irritated.
Researchers have shown that a “morning person” is always more positive towards experiences of life. He who gets up early always sees the positive side of things and is able to find the right path to carry out tasks that may seem strenuous to those who sleep late and get up late. Rushing on with things has shown that you miss out on the most needed and the most important aspects of a work since your mind only focuses on finishing a task without thinking of pros and cons related to it. You also lose out on your goals since a confused mind makes you forget that your ambition is to excel and not to achieve the target anyhow.
Coming back to the people who wake up early even after their retirement. Since these people have followed a fixed routine for their mandatory tasks like sleeping and eating, their mind functions much more actively and positively towards life. They do not get disheartened by obstructions and their experiences as early risers have been a lesson for many. They have enjoyed every aspect of life only because they followed an organised life which made them deal with all ups and downs, improved their relations, created a healthy position in society and all this because they had healthy bodies resulting in healthier thinking.
What we don’t realise is that in the process of rushing to finish a task, we actually take more time since rushing makes us commit errors and we are forced to repeat from step 1 in order to find out the mistake…eventually resulting in spending more hours for a meager job.
If we get up early and prioritise our work, our mind stays healthily active to concentrate/focus on the required subject. Our decision-making power collectively focuses on the impact of a specified job and that enables us to give it the right finishing touch. A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body…so get up early, exercise, plan the day and see the results.

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