April 17, 2024
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Salute to the INDIAN ARMY- an open letter from a citizen

White pigeons flying across depicting friendship make me think. Their wings are widespread defining freedom, freedom which didn’t come to my country in a day. I remember all the stories told to me in my childhood about Indian soil going red with blood on the borders…borders that used to be lined up by men wearing iron hats and helmets, guns in hand, crawling in soil over thorns and sharp-edged stones which used to dig in the bodies gushing out blood. These men knew they would die any minute if a grenade came flying over their heads if a cannon ball fell over their bunkers while they were taking a nap if bullets made holes in their bodies. Not just this, they also knew they could be crippled for life. They saw severed limbs of their fellow men but did not feel scared; they did not turn their backs in any situation. They did not shed more than a drop of tear when letters from home landed in their hands because their hands were supposed to hold grenades and bombs meant for the enemies, many letters may have gone unread in the pocket when the bullet took their life away. These men were from none other but INDIAN ARMY.
My brave soldiers, you made us know what freedom felt like by giving up your own freedom to live with your family. You spent sleepless nights to keep track of the enemy, you ate forest gump to keep yourself from starving so you could stand with your chest and head held high towards the enemy of our motherland. You cried when it rained so no one could see your tears, tears that were full of memories of a loving family. Many of you rushed immediately after getting married without even enjoying the bliss. Your brides were as strong as you were and they let you go to save the motherland. You were made to leave the first morsel in your fingers before it could reach your mouth and you did that with a smile, with a determination to eat after killing the enemy. You have seen your friends die before they could see the first ray of freedom yet you stood to protect the country. You knew in that corner of your heart that you also may not be lucky to see what freedom felt like, but you stayed there, in that trench with a feeling of hatred for the enemy which increased your love for the motherland. Every act of the enemy hardened your feelings of patriotism making you stand like a rock no one could break.
When finally you got us that much-needed freedom, your life was half over as you found that you lost those people who could have hugged you for your brave act, your courage and valour. Bomb attacks from the enemies destroyed your families. Even then, you smiled hugging others with a brave heart finding them safe.
A BIG SALUTE TO MY SOLDIERS. I can see your souls in other birds who fly high like your never-ending love for your nation. I AM PROUD OF YOU ALL. MAY GOD BLESS THOSE WHO HAVE BECOME BIRDS OR STARS IN THE SKY AND MAY GOD BLESS THOSE WHO LIVED TO FEEL FREEDOM.

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