April 17, 2024
Humans of Udaipur

Specially Blessed – Govind Kharol

Excuses are the reasons given by escapists for not willing to face a situation of difficulty. Govind is one such Human of Udaipur who has proved himself to be an inspiration for million, by not making any excuse for his physical anatomy. Yes, Govind is specially blessed and never has he made his physical limitations stop him from living his life to the fullest.


A normal life is an ordinary one which interests no one and in which you are left to be just an automated machine, fed with daily instructions and where everyday of your life begins and ends in the same way. Irrespective of his physical shortcoming, Govind never surrendered himself to a regular normal life, rather he picked up small dreams and with his efforts and strong belief in himself, he is now living a life of his dreams which inspires and motivates everyone.

‘The Challenges’

Being specially blessed, nothing came easy. Govind’s parents were asked that they must get their son admitted in a differently abled school, But it wasn’t the way his journey of life was meant to be and he got admission in a regular school.

He was shy and conscious about his deformity, yet he overcame everything and completed his studies with flying colors.


After completing his education, Govind was selected for a job on the basis of his resume, but soon after when he went for the interview, the recruiter declined him the job after seeing him.

He said that Govind wasn’t fit enough to take the job. It was heart breaking, yet he didn’t give up and the rejection became his power.



While he was in school, a popular social organisation from Udaipur – ‘Shikshantar’, came to visit their school to introduce creative learning. Govind was so fascinated with them that he started attending film making workshops and soon after that he released his first film – “Sher ka Zukham”, with the help of Shikshantar Team.

The movie was thoroughly appreciated by the people in film fraternity. After that, while he was rejected for a job, he joined Shikshantar and pursued his career in film making. So much so that, he got a laptop and a camera from his savings and opened a studio. His life now was surely toiling upwards from normal to larger than life.

‘Accomplishing Dreams’

Govind was already living his dream but then there was something else that grabbed his interest and attention. He always had a passion for cycling but due to his circumstances and physical drawback, he wasn’t able to handle a bicycle on his own.

The position of brakes were making it lot difficult for him to be able to ride the bike in control. He approached many vendors to get his cycle modified, and he got the brakes fixed near the front Tyre, which made it easier for him to handle it like any other guy.

Soon after that, he covered a lapse of 1500 Km. on his bicycle from Udaipur to Bangalore. It was challenging and everyone asked him not to take such a risk. But the determination of Govind made him ride through every difficulty of life. He then covered a lapse of 550 Km. from Manali to Khardungla, which was at an altitude of 18000 ft., it was a ride under difficult circumstances but he made it.

If a challenge of life couldn’t stop him then how these small rides could have!!!

Govind is also a popular photographer in the city now. The only thing is, he has to make an extra effort to be able to accomplish his goals, but then he is doing everything a lot better than many perfectly normal kids of his age. So much so that, Govind is now popularly known as “Bindaas Govind” for his never giving up attitude and super cool personality.

He also formed a group of cyclists, where16-17 cycling enthusiasts join him and cherish a ride on every Sunday. The group is known as “Bindaas Cyclists”

‘The Goal’

Govind is just 25 years old and he has all the sky to explore. He aspires to be the best photographer in his city and wishes to participate and win the cycling competitions in Olympics, under the regular athletes category.

‘Message to Youngsters’

While conveying a message to the youth, Govind says – “No disability exists or could stop you, unless and until your brain isn’t disabled. It’s your brain that controls every expression, every emotion and every action of yours. A strong brain could surpass every disability, could defeat the strongest of men and could win under the most adverse circumstances.

Never give up on your dreams, never let any thought that challenges your possibilities come to your mind.

If I can do that you definitely can. Never blame a situation, just accept it, mould yourself according to it, put an extra effort to get used to it, practice indefinitely and there you are, a better and empowered version for yourself. Mark my words.

One2all salutes him and wishes him all the very best for his ambitions and aspirations, that he achieves all his goals and inspires everyone across the world..

Please do not miss upon checking out his work by clicking on the below links. Do follow him on Instagram


1. Bindaas Govind – https://instagram.com/bindaas_govind…

2. Bindaas Cyclists – https://instagram.com/bindaascyclists…

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