February 25, 2024

An Engineer By Profession, A Foodie By Heart, Meet Rajat Mogra From Spoon & Snap


So many things can make you go drooling. Talk of food, especially to those who simply love the thought of it just anytime, and all senses go alert. Let us see what Rajat Mogra said to one2all about this.

img_20160522_212026Born on 14th October 1991 in Udaipur, Rajat after finishing school from Dungarpur headed to GITS, Udaipur for his graduation. He loves food and calls himself a hardcore foodie and is all set to turn his passion into profession. Besides food, his other interests are photography where he loves to capture anything that shouts “food”. Presently moving around as a freelance photographer and Food Blogger, Rajat spared minutes and allowed one2all to take a look into his life. Since he loves to click, he named his blog as Spoon”N”Snap and feels good to inform that he is the one and only in multitasking style where he is doing things like blogging, cooking, making photography projects and also making DIY food videos. He is also about to come up with unique foodie things for which he is collaborating with the young entrepreneurs of the town.

dsc_0421Spoon”N”Snap is a food and photography blog currently working on various projects with respect to photography. Some youtube channels about food tips and tricks have also been started. On these channels, Quick DIY videos and some of the best places to eat in Udaipur have also been shared very specifically for new people in town.

His inspiration is his own passion and believes that presentation of the food also matters a lot. Since he loves eating new things every day, he started blogging. He loves to present the food in a beautiful appealing manner and also clicks photographs of the platters. Clients get attracted to the good presentation on media, hence he tries to give beauty to the food every time.

dsc_0166His most challenging part comes through him this way,

“If you are walking alone, it’s difficult to cover a long distance in your journey but if you have support and encouragement of your family & friends you will definitely remove the word “impossible” from your life. As I started food blogging & photography, there are so many players ruling in the same market who discouraged me for short period of time. But to overcome from this kind of situations in life, everyone needs self-motivation to do something different from others. I believe if you give quality work, everyone will appreciate you for your work.”


When we asked him about the three qualities that an individual needs to have, he spoke with a modesty saying he wasn’t experienced enough to answer the question and simply said that you must do what you love to do and also do what other’s don’t do. He also added that we must never kill our passion because that is what keeps us alive.

His work is based on Facebook, Instagram,Twitter and Youtube. Rajat uses Nikon camera for his photography and videography and also uses applications like photoshop, Nikon editing tool, Video show and video editor.


There are 2 people who inspire him. Mr.Shekhar, owner of AppleDelight who has shown immense trust in him and gave him the first photography work of his life. He also feels creative and productive with his support.

The second person is Dr.Gaurav Sharma,an entrepreneur with e-commerce business who also taught him a lot about photography. Rajat says he learns a lot from Dr.Gaurav all the time and discusses things to make the clicks more attractive.

Modesty speaks again as he says that once he is a successful person, he will definitely give “tips on success”. He genuinely added that you must always follow your passion and never let it die because you get opportunities to benefit from it. “Everything takes time but passion needs to be chased” is his mantra. His advice is not to lose hope in any situation, instead, try to overcome your difficulties because they make you stronger every time.

He gives credit for his passion for his family as they have always supported him and encouraged him at every step. His message to his friends is that the ups and downs of life should not be ignored as when you want to start something, your own unique style, creativity and innovation are the most important aspects that keep you going ahead.


Rajat has plans to organize some food events with the blogging sites of Udaipur so that all food lovers can enjoy the mouth-watering dishes.

Awards and recognitions

He is yet to reach that level of awards, so he says, but his personal achievements are:

 3-4 photography competitions

2nd position in cooking competition “Chef-e-Udaipur”at IIM,Udaipur

2nd runner-up on living foodz’s #foodfiesta2016 in Mumbai(food channel by Zee-Essel group) where the award was given by Chef India judge and celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar &Chef Gautam Maharshi.

He can be reached at rajat.mogra@gmail.com, Spoonnsnap@gmail.com

If you wish to get featured on #masalachaiwithvarun, drop an email on varun.surana@one2all.co.in 

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