February 25, 2024
Humans of Udaipur

One of the most inspirational influences From Udaipur – Varsha Rao

Varsha Rao is among one of the most inspirational influencers in Udaipur City. It is not just her grace and beauty that gets her so much appreciation but it is her hard work and the spirit of never giving up, that makes her win so many admirations and followers. Yes, a huge number of people look up to her.

Being the beloved daughter in the family, her parents gave her all the freedom to live her life the way she wished to, but it was only after her marriage that she actually got the wings to fly. With the support of her husband, she took her first step towards her dream and she participated in the “Nach Re Bindi” talent show by Zee Tv. It was this step that gave her the courage and made her realise that she could go beyond and could win the heart of people.

She has won many titles for herself and for her city Udaipur, just to mention a few –

– Mrs. Udaipur 2016
– Mrs. Congeniality 2016
– Mrs. India (IAB) Top 10 Finalists
– Mrs. Central Rajasthan 2017 (Mrs. India Globe)
– Mrs. India Heritage Globe ( Special Jury Award)

And she is not ready to stop here. She wishes to work in Bollywood and while looking at her growth and strong will, we are sure that she’d definitely make it.

She has a son and she never misses a chance to shower all her love upon him. She never lived with excuses but has balanced her dreams and her family life in such a way that she has surely become an inspiration for many.

Yes, she faced many challenges while trying to live her dreams but being a high spirited human being, she never surrendered to any situation that stopped her.

We have no reason for not agreeing with her, when she says –

“Do what you love to do and fall in love with what you do. Trust me, life will start to love you, if you’d work and prosper in the field that you love the most. No one can stop you to achieve your goals unless you trap yourself within indefinite excuses. Possibilities have no boundaries.”

We wish her all the very best for her ambitions and aspirations, that she makes it to the top.

Please click the below link and do follow her on instagram – @varsha.rao3

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