June 2, 2023

Art Of Writing Effective Content – Monika Goyal

How I plan my content,  my experience as a content writer (focus – EVEN BLACK AND WHITE ARE COLOURS)
Content writing is one of the simplest and comfortable tasks that ladies can opt for while sitting at home. And do you want to know how??
The answer is simple. Ladies have a habit of making a list of the things that they need to buy. It could be any kind of list from kitchen items to any other household necessities. I was always appreciated for keeping my list ready whenever there used to be a random shopping plan by family or friends. Since I have also had a passion for writing, this habit of list-making helped me a lot in collecting topics for articles or poetry or story.

So, ladies, use your habit of noting down things in a creative way. Anytime your mind gives you a thought…it could be anything…a word different from others, a feeling that came to you when you saw a child on road or an animal rolling in mud, a feeling of love, maybe something that touched your heart, even hatred, even the cool breeze that made you feel as light as a feather, or a memory attached to your childhood, any proverb that made you think too much, any image that brought back old memories, a new word that you picked up while reading the newspaper or a novel, what a novel taught you, what you felt about a certain painting or an author, your visit to a new place, or a place revisited, comparison between people’s attitudes…there is a long list that comes to our mind every day. All these things need to be noted and pondered upon when the mind is free. So the basic element is “nothing” as feelings don’t flow when you have “nothing”.

Once you have a list ready, work on the point which suits your mood that day. Not every topic may interest you since when we write we get the right feelings depending upon the state of mind. You may not be able to write or put in thoughts more beautifully on a tragic topic if you are not in a pensive mood. Words flow more easily when our mind is in tune with the topic. Basically, we get more topics when we are thoughtful about things happening around us.
The moment you set your eyes on the list of your topics, mood based topic flashes in front of you and you get-set-go to write. Our mind works on the theory of adjustment. We adapt to things that suit our mental frame very quickly as compared to what is not really appealing. If you have had a bad start of the day, or maybe a previous night dream made you feel melancholic in the morning, your mind will think of all the bad things you have faced till now and you will easily relate to poetry and songs that reflect grief.
Those with a passion for writing use these feelings in their articles. But for those who are not too good at writing, noting some points and taking help of someone to elaborate and even proof-read can be useful. This is also because some people can write, but they are unable to find a topic to express their views on.
I have always been asked by people about how I pick topics for my writing. Well, most of my topics are based on my experiences, some are based on my interests, some have been written based on the list of words that came to my mind(thanks to my habit of noting). Some topics emerged from my habit of reading. I read and re-read and research on a topic till I am satisfied that I can interact with people on that particular topic and then I write after compiling all sources and information with a thought that people will benefit from it.
Your writings will be of no value unless people read them. So to make them read, you need to pour your heart and give interesting details and twists, too, to that topic. People like reading things that can take them away from the real world and also things that are related to routine life but with a moral/help/result.
There are 24 hours in a day and we go through a lot of things every minute. Nobody’s life is devoid of happenings…nothing is simply colourless…even black and white are colours. So think about the happenings during the day and add some spice wherever needed and create your content.

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