March 23, 2023
Humans of Udaipur

Bundle of Surprises – Arwa Turra

To sum up her personality, I can say that she is a bundle of surprises and a person who is Multi Talented.
Presenting a short Q&A session with her in her own words. About you (Introduction)
Born and brought up in Udaipur, India,
Arwa is professionally an interior designer, self-taught artist, an ardent fashion lover and a poet. She finished her school and university education from Udaipur and then achieved her diploma in Interior Designing from Premlila Vithaldas Polytechnic in Mumbai, India. Currently based in Egypt after tasting the slice of life in Dubai and Jamaica. She worked as an Interior Designer in Dubai for 5 years but to find more meaning in life, she is now a full time artist and enjoys writing Poetry. Soon she is going to publish her first book in association with M Square Productions which will feature her art and poetry.
Accomplishments and awards so far:
1- District level award; Shakti award year 2016 INIFD award 2018, I am She award 2019
2- National level award; IIID award for residence design 2005
Exhibitions: Shortlisted by the New York art gallery to exhibit her work. Arwa has exhibited her work at galleries in Egypt and Jamaica. Participated in art and fashion events in Jamaica and Egypt
From the eye of the Media :- Has been featured on the cover page of 2 Jamaican newspapers and lifestyle magazines. Have appeared two times for live interview on Jamaican TV. I have been featured by Indian newspapers like Dainik Bhaskar and Patrika. Have been featured by various online portals and fashion and lifestyle bloggers for being influential women in the field of arts and fashion. Was a part of the poetry anthology published by HBB, a famous publishing house in Delhi
2. Tell us something about your business / profession
3. How and what you are doing different
“I draw stories”- Arwa
Arwa weaves beautiful stories of strong and independent women on her canvases. Her mixed media art form is one of a kind where her feminist side is reflected in her work. Arwa draws architecture of different countries, a woman’s illustration in the foreground and dresses the figurine with fabric flowers. Therefore, she makes a unique form of mixed media 3D art wherein 3 important elements adorn the canvas; form, Fashion and Flowers. Her expat life, extensive travel and the interior designing qualification add to her love and knowledge of different cultures and world history that reflect in her arts. She aims to cover many stories on her canvas, drawing one country and one woman at a time. It is just not visually appealing but has a deep message penned down by Arwa herself that stimulates deep emotions and introspection in the viewers.
Arwa also loves Drawing Surreal and Abstract Sketches and writes Poetry. Arwa’s poetry and fine art gravitate around the field of human mind and interpersonal relationship of lovers
4. Challenges you have faced and how you overcame?
Arwa has to move countries due to her husband’s job, and every now and then she has to adapt to the new place, make new contacts, and approach new people and galleries to showcase her work which is not very easy and quite challenging. But she has made her presence global with help of her social media accounts and thus her collaborations and sale is consistent no matter from whichever part of the world she lives in. Also her expat lifestyle gives her new perspectives of life, culture and arts and she has taken up this challenge as an opportunity to learn more
5. How members can reach to you for your business / profession (Contact information & social media links)

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