December 1, 2023
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Dr. Arvinder Singh Honoured in British Parliament: Meet The Influencer Elevating India’s Stature

Dr. Arvinder Singh, the esteemed CEO and Chairman of Arth Group, based in Udaipur, has recently made headlines on the global stage by securing a coveted spot in Crunchbase’s prestigious Top 20 Global Influencers list. This remarkable achievement unfolded on a momentous day, September 7, 2023, when he was also honored by the British Parliament. This dual recognition not only signifies a personal milestone for Dr. Singh but also holds profound significance for the entire nation, particularly Rajasthan.

Crunchbase, a renowned platform originating from the United States, employs a dynamic ranking methodology that takes into account various factors such as online presence, leadership prowess, and community engagement. Dr. Singh’s ascent to the 19th position places him in the distinguished company of industrial giants like Elon Musk (12th) and Mark Zuckerberg (59th), an accomplishment that fills our nation with pride. Notably, even the acclaimed actor Leonardo DiCaprio is ranked 70th in comparison.

Dr. Singh’s extensive credentials as a medical practitioner, an accomplished graduate of the esteemed IIM, and a holder of an LLB degree from Oxford University, specializing in Medical Law, distinctly set him apart as a global influencer. His unique blend of medical expertise, legal acumen, and financial savvy has earned him prestigious titles like ‘Business Leader’ and ‘Young Entrepreneur,’ in addition to numerous accolades from the Indian government.

His inclusion in the prestigious Crunchbase Top 20 list, coupled with the accolade from the British Parliament, serves as a shining testament to his exceptional contributions in the realms of healthcare and business. His groundbreaking initiatives, such as IMBBS and IBCD, hold the potential to revolutionize healthcare and dermatological education, establishing him as an inspiring exemplar of unwavering commitment to excellence.

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