February 25, 2024

How To Select Right Career Option?

Since every youngster has a variety of subjects to study and his mind gets stuck with not one but many choices, deciding what to choose ultimately becomes a hassle. We can try to look into some of these points before we finalise our career.
1- Self-assessment – You can assess yourself in a simple way. Try thinking of the personality you like the most. Shakespeare, Michael Angelo, Einstein, Graham Bell, PM Modi, Sachin Tendulkar…think of more names. Now, who appeals to you the most? Then sit quietly and think why you like that person. Also, match your achievements till now. If your achievements are somewhat similar to the person you like, then you know where you should be heading to. Never follow your friends blindly. Your career decides your life, so don’t follow others simply for the sake of being with them. Career is like fashion, pick what suits your personality… not what suits others.

cover2- Search for details– Once you have set your mind on a particular choice, do a thorough research on the sub-topics related to the topic of your choice. It is a vast world and there are all the chances that the topic you choose has a lot more to go with it. The Internet comes to help here. Search for all the details regarding your topic and the various options or fields it offers. You need to be very watchful for all the updates that come in regarding your field of choice because that will make you decide if your choice is appropriate or not.
3- Make a decision – Your decision should be based on the above 2 points. Once you are convinced about the pros and cons of the career, prepare yourself mentally to undergo all the hardships that come on the way. “Without pains, no gains” is a well known saying, so if you are ready for it, then go ahead and follow your dreams.
Some other important things to be checked are:
Whether your focus is only on a big salary packet or are you focussing on job satisfaction? Everyone looks forward to a little promotion. A promotion oriented person is likely to feel suffocated in the regular 9 to 5 kind of job. So you need to look for an environment where there is scope for growth. A dream job may not give you the kind of money you want, but then job satisfaction is also a must.
Before choosing a career, it is very important that you spare time to think about your interests and also the kind of lifestyle you are looking forward to in the future because these become the deciding factors.

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