April 17, 2024

Jyoti Kukreja’s Journey From Being an Employee to Being an Online Business Owner

j1While she was struggling with managing her Job with Studies, Jyoti  Kukreja took  her call and launched her Online  Clothing  & Accessories  Business named, ‘Chics Clothing’ in August 2016.

Jyoti was encouraged to undertake the challenge when she found that the biggest problem extra sized girls were facing was the unavailability of options of clothes regarding extra large size. So she took her love for clothes and made a career out of it.  her online clothing site is the solution to all those shopping problems, here  You can have clothes of your fit, without any botheration of extra large size or option.

Jyoti  Kukreja a girl who is positive about every aspect of life and loves to try new things every day.

She revealed that her Customer’s satisfaction, her love for clothes and marketing Skills inspire her to keep moving, but she believes herself to be blessed with countless people who inspired her but specially the guidance from  Varun Surana  Sir From EduWings helped her Lot.

A message that she wants to give to the people

jyoti“Success is a never-ending Journey without destination and instead of running behind money one should focus on establishing themselves as the brand in the society.

One must know it well, how to convert situations or events into business and then success is all yours.”

Jyoti has achieved the “ Chingari Award on Women’s Day 2017.

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