March 23, 2023

Time Management Tricks for Students By Lokit Kavdia


“Time” means several different things to different things to different people, as situations & tasks change. Eg: ‘one hour’ is ‘too short’ for a child playing with friends and ‘too long’ when forced to study a subject which the child is not interested in.

“Management” has a more universal understanding and includes areas like:


Yes, this is the Nature, the Process of Management, i.e. getting things done.

Always remember these five points:

  1. Everything seems to be hard (not impossible) in the world until we start doing it.

Eg: A task given to a fatty person or a couch potato to run a mile nonstop.

  1. The day/moment you start doing a thing it starts Regulating. And this the very first step to make a hard thing a simpler one.
  1. The more you practice the above step you start to get a Control over it.
  1. As soon as you get the Control you see the thing simpler now. And this how you become an Admin of your execution and practice area.
  1. The day you become an Admin, you can then Supervise your own Life Activities and can Supervise/Guide others too.

“Remember, Beginning may cause you discomfort”


“Just don’t give up in between these five steps.”

‘Applying this Principle helps in maximizing the value of time by including those activities which produce positive results and rejecting those activities which either waste time or produce negative results.’

Students must therefore,SELF-INTROSPECT by asking:

  • Did I do the most productive things I could have done with each moment of my day today?
  • What corrective measures can I take to improve my productivity every day?

Basics Tricks: (Time Management is not about managing time, it’s about managing the activities on time)

  1. Always do things on time. Be on time.
  • You can set a stop watch to note how long a task take to complete.
  • You can set a playlist of your favourite songsto a xyz time period. Play it from starting while beginning with your task and stop at the last song. Don’t look at the watch. Focus on the activity. This how you can know how to complete a task before the last song ends.
  1. Always study methodical, logical, analytical subjects like maths & science, objective type questions, grammar in morning time. This is the time when our minds strength is full to grasp & understanding a thing.
  1. While going through the theoretical subjects like social studies etc. You can speak loud for fast learning, you can use different tones of your voice to crack the lengthy answers.
  • Visualize the theory into images or a scene for better learning. Because our mind first thinks about an image.
  • Apply the Music theory. Ever noticed why we learn the lyrics of a song very fast…? Sing your answers. Make your own tone.
  • Take a short nap after learning the theory. This helps you to solidify the answers in your memory for a longer period.
  1. Eat Healthy. Follow a Diet.
  1. Take 7 to 8 hours of maximum sleep. Not more than this.
  1. Keep asking your teachers, tutors and elders about your queries.
  1. Play outdoor games or do exercise at least for 45 min to 1 hour max.
  1. Do not watch TV, Computer or Mobile Games in Exam Times. It reduces minds recalling power, i.e. memory.
  1. Be Positive. Be Confident. Do not fear.
  1. Take a new topic everyday with the revision of an older one.
  1. Laugh a Lot with your Friends and Family.
  1. Set daily targets and commit yourself to complete that task even if you get bored. Be true with your own nature.

 You have got 1440 minutes in a day. Its upto you now that how much time you dedicate to your each activity.

 Ways to Improve Time Management:

 Stop doing the things which you like. Start doing the things which are Important.

  1. Be Discipline. This makes you a STUDENT.
  2. Do not procrastinate.
  3. Develop Interest for better results.
  4. Set a proper reference groups or surrounding that can help and motivate you to achieve your goals.
  5. Set Priorities. Write on a paper what’s more important to you and do that task first.
  6. Always do the most difficult topic, subject, task first.
  7. Do it NOW.
  8. Put things in Writing.
  9. Use wasted time.

“A lazy person can’t do everything. But a busy person can do everything.” Because he/she is busy in doing.

“Value your activities. Value your time. It’s precious. Very Precious!”

Analyse why Time is Money…?

How much Money has been invested on you..? From your Childhood to your College Life.

It’s all about your Self Concern and Self Introspection. The more you analyse and ask yourself for your betterment. The more you will get BUSY in managing the time and activities to get money & success.


Founder and Director at Healing Hours Optimally – H2O

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