April 17, 2024

A mobile or a device can be repaired but it takes ages to repair broken hearts and broken ties

We are all humans…this need not be explained as to what being human means. Yet, to start with this term “human”, let us go by a general understanding. Humans are those who live in society, follow certain norms which define the society in which family, friends and other relationships have important roles. Each one of us ‘humans’ progress by accepting changes that happen regularly, be it climate, science, technology, society and the likes.
Technology has certainly affected our lives in a lot of ways. The advent of various machines made our day to day life easier. These were the machines that gave us spare time for ourselves by finishing a specified task in less time than what a manual effort required. Now, growth can’t be curbed. The invention of computers made things even more easier. For some time, most certainly, we humans enjoyed life to the fullest. Since we could save time due to the advent of various machines and then a computer, we had time to spare for our family and friends and we could also invest time in nurturing our relationships.
Advancement in technology gave a new turn to the ‘human life’. Mobiles came in as a relief since we could carry these hi-tech phones anywhere and stay connected with our family. Actually, the thought that circulated when the mobiles came in was that everyone could move around, have fun and still take care of people at home and office, hence enjoying life with both hands. Everything was alright till here.
Various jumps in technology modified the mobile phones. From smart mobiles to android mobiles, there has been a gross difference in the way “technology in hand” developed. The entry of android phones with various applications actually shrunk our world of relationships. Technology definitely has come in handy as it is still a mobile helping you to stay connected, but at what cost!!
You can see people in every nook and corner with their heads dropped down on their mobile screens. The time that could be used to physically connect by means of get togethers, parties, social gatherings has been taken away by mobiles. Now people are busier than before. All work processes have slowed down as every few seconds, the hands get busy with the screens, eyes fixed at one place and irritation actually itches us when we don’t check the phone a number of times.
Earlier parks were places where you could meet thousands of people, interact and feel good about it. Now, park benches have people, but none knows as to who is sitting next. This is because once our mind gets entangled with the mobile apps, we forget to raise our heads and we go deaf to the world. The world of interaction is now limited to chats on social media. When android came into being, we were happy to have all applications in the grip of our hand. We were glad to find our old lost friends, missing relatives and got connected to so many others. Our connectivity grew, but our relationships suffered.
Because of all this technology, we got immersed in a world where we started forgetting our own people, our own family. Too many friends on social media, but none real. Relationships have suffered a lot since they have become a captive of technology. There was a time when people used to sit and talk, share their experiences…but now talks have become chats on mobile app windows. You don’t even know if the person you are chatting with is smiling or not…expressions are now limited to emoticons.
Mobiles come in handy when you need to reach someone in times of need. These devices which were meant to be a helping hand in some ways have now fortified our feelings, expressions and everything else that spells “humanity”.
The positive aspect, of course, cannot be overlooked. Connectivity with our loved ones, reaching emergency numbers for the elderly and the needy at the touch of a button are those benefits which cannot be pushed behind. All we need to do is travel back to the past, think about the positivity of relations and grow more emotionally than technologically(well, that is also the need of the hour).
A mobile or a device can be repaired but it takes ages to repair broken hearts and broken ties. Not to forget the impact of mobile on eyes and brain…we know it all.

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