March 23, 2023
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प्राकृतिक चिकित्सा – आधुनिक तकनीकों द्वारा

Kalp Naturo was established on 23 February 2018 by founders Dr. Arpit Choudhary and Garvit Choudhary. The vision ignited in these young and dynamic minds after realizing the value of our ancient knowledge and benefits of natural methods.  The vision was brewed up by amalgamation of natural holistic therapies into modern technologies with an aim to simplify Natural Ancient Therapies making them efficient enough to keep up with this ultra-fast contemporary life. The motivated vision has made Kalp Naturo one of the most trusted healthcare institution all over Rajasthan. With more than 2,500+ satisfied clients that have been relieved from acidity, indigestion, migraine, allergies, skin diseases, pains, obesity, oedema, kidney disorder, hypertension, thyroid, blood pressure, diabetes etc.


Our services include Spot Reduction, Bio-sculpting and Body shaping, Colon Hydrotherapy, Life Style Modification, Nirmaya Treatment, Dietetics and Detox Consultancy, Body Composition Analysis, Home Remedies (Natural, Herbal and Ayurvedic), Complete Detox Program, Massage, Shirodhara, Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation and Pregnancy Yoga.


At Kalp Naturo, you will get complete nature cure and detox program. We believe in complete cure of mental and physical illnesses through natural and side-effect free methods.


Kalp Naturo Services:

Root cause of all diseases is deposition of toxins in your body.


जानिये शरीर शुद्धिकरण (Body Cleansing & Detoxification) कैसे रोगोकी जड़ को मिटाता है एवं एक ही बार में कई परेशानियों से निजात दिलाता है.


Naturopathy, Body Cleansing and Detox has shown good results in below health issues:

–          Weight Loss and Obesity

–          Digestive Problems, Indigestion, Gas

–          Thyroid

–          Migraine and Headache

–          Blood Pressure

–          Cholesterol

–          Joint Pain, Neck Pain and Back Pain

–          Diabetes

–          Hypertension

–          Lifestyle Disorders

–          Allergies

–          Liver and Kidney Disorders

–          Respiratory Disorders

–          Aesthetic Therapy

–          Arthritis

–          PCOS and PCOD

–          Infertility

–          Low Energy & Fatigue

–          Skin and Hair Problems


About Dr. Arpit Choudhary:

Dr. Arpit Choudhary is a Naturopathy Doctor and certified Cupping/Hijama therapist with specialization in “Naturopathy, Detoxification and Yoga”. He is also trained in and practices functional home and natural remedies, which addresses the underlying cause of disease, and focuses on optimal function of the body as a system.

He has been instrumental in public speaking and giving lectures as guest faculty in government sector, NGOs and public/private organizations. He has been serving as consultant in physiotherapy center and fitness studio in Udaipur, Rajasthan.


Dr. Arpit also interested in healthcare stemmed from the concept of body and mind cleansing or self-healing. By observing nature and the ancient way of wellness, it is possible to have a deeper understanding of ourselves and how we function. The incredible connection is that the human body with nature itself, is continuously changing and adapting, and has the ability to renew and heal based on its environment.


This philosophy sparked further interest of Dr. Arpit in natural food and the idea of food-as-medicine. He embraced this interest by building blocks of ideal body and mind.


Dr. Arpit believes in wellness as a journey, which requires a holistic approach, and works to encourage and empower individuals to be more conscious of their lifestyles.

His passion is in promoting self-awareness and teaching sustainable care practices for health of the human body, in conjunction with supporting the natural resources that surround us.


Contact Details:

Kalp Naturo Healthcare

27 E, Near Big Bazar,

New Fatehpura, Sukhadia Circle,

Udaipur, Rajasthan (India).


Address 2:

KalpNaturo – Yoga & Fitness

90-A, Saheli Nagar, Udaipur

Rajasthan (India)

Phone: +91 9252545792

Phone: +91 9887076286


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