December 10, 2022

You need to go back 2 steps if you want to take 4 steps forward – Nikhilesh Tayal

Technology has gone really far, much farther than we can imagine. One2all felt compelled to learn about Nikhilesh Tayal, an entrepreneur in the field of digital videos. We were fascinated by all that we learnt about him and so here we are sharing this and we want everyone to read. Not just read, but grasp the gist and let someone be an inspiration to your suppressed qualities to be developed into something that you have been dreaming of in that particular corner of your heart.

Nikhilesh Tayal was born in Alwar and brought up in Udaipur. An entrepreneur by profession, he likes to do creative stuff and is highly intuitive. is a managed market place for digital videos. All kinds of videos like explainer videos, corporate videos, ad films, marketing videos, client testimonial videos, digital facebook videos for companies are created at

The client number has gone to 250 plus in the last 18 months. The company has served Hindustan Times, FeverFm, Shell India, VIP Bags and even start-up companies like MySmartPrice, CommonFloor and Possit to name a few. No one goes forward without the USP, and claims to have a fantastic combination of creativity and business knowledge as its USP. All cheers to this USP because of which Nikhilesh Tayal grabbed our attention. Akhil Gupta is the Co-Founder of who happens to be an IIT alumnus and has worked for Shell, Iraq.

No one can move ahead without facing challenges, after all that is how you learn and improve. Nikhilesh told us that his biggest challenge was getting clients for the company, especially in a situation where he was almost moneyless and completely alone and when he tried every method to survive but in vain. This was the time when the simplest option available was writing a good content, but without any experience in writing field even that did not seem possible. When something has to be done, it has to be done…anyhow. He started writing about his experiences, his entrepreneurial journey whatever he had learned till now. As luck would have it, it pulled in the people and they started appreciating what he wrote. So this way, he acquired a new skill of writing.

We wanted to know how he moved forward and what he would like the readers to understand to be successful in life. We got that “potion” from him saying “Follow your intuition, adaptability and patience”…words that need not be described any more for they are very very self explanatory.

The other very important message he gave for the budding entrepreneurs is that business is not technology, sales figures or domain or scope but people. “Great people make great businesses. So, choose all the stakeholders for your company well and enjoy the ride with them”.

His life mantra is hereby quoted,

Image result“In order to change the game, we have to first play along with the game. You need to go back 2 steps if you want to take 4 steps forward. Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary”.

Nikhilesh says Success doesn’t come easy, you have to put in your heart and soul into it and forget your comfort zone for a long time.

“Humein kya pata baraat kahan thehregi, hum toh band vale hain , band baja ke chale jaayenge” Nikhilesh definitely knows how to make himself heard.

His story has been similar to many others out there who come from middle class families, whose parents don’t understand the new trends like start-ups and entrepreneurship. Nikhilesh faced the same and initially got no support from his parents but then when they saw him happy on a later stage doing things his own way, they understood what he wanted.

Nikhilesh says to succeed in any business, you have to struggle for more than 7 years. Having plans of becoming the biggest name in digital video creation, he mentioned his 250+ clients as his awards along with increasing revenues.

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