March 27, 2023

Online marketing or offline marketing? A big dilemma!

Have you ever watched the legendary TV series Mad Men, you cannot but remember Don Draper and company, which is always striving to be original and creating advertising that truly resonates with their audience? But if Don Draper was marketing in 2016, would he still be channeling all of his marketing efforts into the same mediums? Perhaps he would open a Facebook page, Instagram account or run a popular blog.

Online vs. offline marketing strategies is a huge dilemma many have been cracking their heads around lately. What is going to bring you more bangs for your business and help you make the most out of marketing your services? If you peek inside offline marketing, it entails more traditional approach such as print advertisements, TV, radio, newsletters, posters, etc. It is an easy way to keep your brand in focus. It thus reaches all age groups and profiles. On the other hand, if you choose to market your services online, you can do it via social media, blogging, PPC, online advertising and email campaigns.

Why do online marketing over offline?
Because it’s where Approx 90% of your audience hangs out. Be it their phones, laptops, tablets, the vast majority of your existing and future clients are surfing the web on a daily basis.


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