December 1, 2023

Preparation of Nirmaan Expo are on full swing

Preparation of Nirmaan Expo are on full swing… In same series team of Nirmaan Expo has started distributing entry badges to architects. According to team member Kanchan and Mansimran Nirmaan expo is also organizing some seminars and workshops for all type of consultant related to construction and interior decoration profession. All professionals from entire South Rajasthan will be invited for the same and entry badges will be delivered to their door based on online registration.

Contact For Stall Booking : +91-7737001000   +91-82902888800

According to ID Meeta Raina and ID Anjali Dubey Nirmaan Expo is a rising construction show which was really required for South Rajasthan and ambiance of Nirmaan Expo is a best option to do any kind activity related to architectural professionals and students. It will make a happening and live environment in the market so that understanding among Supplier, consultant, agency and end-user can be increased.



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