March 27, 2023
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GREEN MAN of Udaipur City – Pukaarwala Bhuvnesh

‘Pukaarwala Bhuvnesh’ is the GREEN MAN of Udaipur City. His ambition and determination of making earth a better a place to live, is the reason why people of all age groups have joined hands with him.

It is not just his efforts and hard work, that he has invested all these years to make the no man lands bloom with greenery, that has brought him so much recognition, but it is also his down to earth humbleness, pleasing and welcoming persona, that has made him one of the most likable and followed personality of Udaipur City.

As young as at an age of 18 years, his curiosity and love towards environment began to flourish. In the year 2013, he bought a mango sapling and planted it with the help of his friends. It gave him immense happiness to see the sapling grow. He named the sapling – ‘Astitva”.

It inculcated a feeling of respect in him, respect towards the environment and he felt that he should sincerely contribute towards it. He made a group of youngsters and started to plant more saplings around his place and elsewhere but soon after it, he failed in motivating them to take the responsibility of the environment.

His friends and even a few people from his family started criticizing his ambitions, as like every other person in a society they also believed that Bhuvnesh was wasting his time and it will land him up nowhere.

Bhuvnesh being a stubborn and determined guy, he didn’t give up on shaping his ambition – ‘Pukaar’ and he firmly started walking, rather running along the path that he decided for himself.

People appreciated his efforts, they started to understand the importance of planting a tree for keeping the environment in good health and they realized the role that environment plays in everybody’s life. That was the day and Bhuvnesh is here, the Green Man of our beautiful city Udaipur.

Bhuvnesh was a drop out from IIT – JEE training in Kota, who was raised in a small village of Bhilwara, Rajasthan. The scarcity of water in his village made him dig into the core roots for its reasons and this was what inspired him to conserve and protect the environment. His journey began.

In all these years Bhuvnesh and his team Pukaar initiated many environment conservation programs which are thoroughly appreciated by various government bodies and NGO’s.

Some of the initiatives by Bhvnesh and his team Pukaar are –

– ‘Plant a Tree With Us’

– Udbodhan

– Paudhapohar

– Ek Gadi, Ek Ped

– Vrikshadan Movement

Just to mention a few awards and achievements for Pukaar –

– Swachh Rajasthan Award 2016

– Kendriya Manvadhikaar Samman

– Restoring 22 public parks

– Conserving 1600 out of 2000 saplings

– Developing ‘Mini Forests’ and ‘Fruit Forests’

While extending a message to the youngsters, Bhuvnesh says –

Everything is really tough in the beginning and almost every time you’d feel like you’d not be able to make it till the end. This is because we all are surrounded with a world of conventions, criticism and imposed point of views, where it becomes tough for us to make a choice for ourselves. But, if we strongly believe in our dreams and we are stubborn enough to make things work for us, nobody in this world could stop us from achieving our goals and living with our dreams. If I can do it, every one else could surely do it.

I still have a long way to go and I won’t stop until I will make this planet bloom with greenery all around. I strongly believe that surely a time will come, when people will love to live with plants and trees into the mini jungles and not the concrete jungles which are murdering the planet earth every day.

one2all udaipur wishes him all the very best for his ambitions and aspirations, that he becomes the Green Man of a Green World

Please do not miss upon checking out his efforts and dedication to save the environment by clicking on the below links. Do follow him on Facebook and Instagram

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