March 27, 2023
Humans of Udaipur

CA By Qualification, Photographer By Passion – Saurabh Jain

Saurabh Jain CA‘ is one of the most outstanding and brilliant photographers of Udaipur. He is popularly known for his creative perspective and and also for his Drone Shots, so much so that, Udaipurites also know him as the Drone Man of Udaipur.

He is a Charted Accountant by qualification and runs the parental business of mining and minerals. His hobby and the opportunities that came his way, helped him to give shape to his dreams and that is when his hobby turned into a passion.

In the beginning he was accompanied by his passionate cousin and later he became friends with a group of photographers. This gave him more focus and sooner he got along with a team of photography enthusiasts with whom he formed a group and executed many projects.

He has executed many tourism projects with the support and permission of Rajasthan Tourism and other government bodies. He has been doing projects of pre-wedding, maternity, corporate, architecture, tourism, kids, social awareness etc. and he is recognized as a well known figure of Udaipur in the photography industry worldwide.

While addressing to the youth and photography enthusiasts, he says –

One must find a good company and must keep on doing what one wishes to accomplish, as consistency is the the only key that helps one to succeed. One must also take inspiration from online and offline resources and mentors.

For me, every single project of mine is important and big. Even my first project was a big one as the video was displayed in front of an audience of 1000 people and every one appreciated my work. It was a huge start for me.

one2all udaipur wishes him all the very best for his ambitions and aspirations, that he makes it to the top.

Please do not miss upon checking out his brilliant work by clicking on the below links. Do follow him on instagram and subscribe to his You-tube channel –

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