February 25, 2024
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SHADE – Making a difference in lives of those who need it the most

An extremely kind hearted person, Smt.Shakuntala Devi Agrawal was an angel when it came to helping the underprivileged, poor and the needy. She found peace and solace in distributing food and clothes to such people.
With the aim to follow her footprints and carry on her wonderful task of spreading smiles, a charitable trust in the name of SHADE was formed to keep her legacy alive. From the very beginning, SHADE has engaged in weekly activities of distributing food and clothes to those who would never have got a chance to obtain these on their own or would have never dreamt of acquiring these basic needs with the flash of an eye lid. The trust also supplies books and clothes to the underprivileged students who are unable to fetch such items on their own.
Another remarkable work of SHADE was donating 51000/- for the treatment of Darshit, a 3 year old from New Delhi who is suffering from blood cancer. The child is undergoing a chemotherapy treatment and we pray to the Almighty to give him a speedy recovery.

SHADE is also looking forward to adopting a school so that the needy students can be imparted a good quality education. RO plants to provide safe and clean drinking water to the nearby villages have also been installed.

The main aim of SHADE is to provide a good helping hand to all those who need it…without fail.
JF Kennedy had said, “One person can make a difference and everyone should try”.
SHADE is making that difference and we hope and pray that it will be joined by many in carrying out these good deeds and spread the shade of happiness.

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