February 25, 2024
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Be a smart citizen of the smart city

A smart city is a term given to the city that is smart in all senses. Be it technology, cleanliness, security, easy availability of basic resources, transportation and communication and more with it. But the point to be pondered is how a city can be smart without smart citizens!!
Smartness doesn’t come simply with knowledge of various languages or branded clothes or being the owner of BMW or having the best of the hi-tech job. Smart citizens need to be aware of certain important aspects which enhance their personality in the form of a good and responsible citizen. A smart citizen is the one who respects the law. A smart citizen is the one who has civic sense.
As a smart citizen, we need to adopt the following points:

– Respect elders and make the senior citizens comfortable.
– Create a safe environment for ladies and children.
– Park vehicles at the right place and in the right order.
– Keep your surroundings clean. Everyone keeps their house clean, but maintaining cleanliness in the surrounding areas is also important.
– Use garbage bins even for throwing the smallest of a chocolate wrapper.
– Follow traffic rules. Maintain the right speed limit. Never ever try to speed up as a show-off.
– Talk softly on mobiles when in a public place.
– Never pass lewd remarks on anyone.
– Learn to operate Kiosks and also teach those who don’t know how to.
– Protect the environment by planting trees so as to have fresh air to breathe.
– Think more in terms of educating children.
– Take steps to convert the city into a beggar-free city.

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