December 1, 2023

Ancient learning methodologies with Surbhi Bhagat’s Avdhan Mind Power pvt. ltd.

avdhaanWe have the privilege of bringing forth a power packed woman, Surbhi Bhagat, whose aim is to make education an asset for all. Surbhi Bhagat is the Director of UnivExcellence Avdhan Mind Power –world’s leading scientific learning education company. Based on the science of learning, remembering and recalling, it is the only company which provides course content based on Avdhan which means concentration, alertness.

Avdhan is the only company which provides Hindi medium content for classes 6 to 12th through expert faculty, video lectures and digital classes. The method of delivering education content is based on human brain functioning. Avdhan has a special emphasis on consulting, mind power and life skill as its core area of work. Avdhan foundation is working for 100 percent literacy in India by providing access of World class education to the social organisations and schools.

Avdhan has two sides to itself. It has a consulting wing which provides legal and financial consulting segments to help companies, individuals, e-cells, entrepreneurs, start-ups with legal issues, company set-up, IPR and retainer lawyer. The other is Avdhan life skills where they design workshops for schools, colleges, corporates, NGOs and individuals.

Surbhi Bhagat has had many challenging moments in life. Setting up UnivExcellence Avdhan Mind Power Pvt. Ltd. from scratch in early 2007 was a very difficult task followed by the years 2012-13 when they were ready to release new products in the market and create a position for it. Setting up a company itself brings too many challenges and no one has had an easy time doing so. Surbhi also faced the same, with a concept that was and is unique in its own way and unchallenged so far. Like anyone else, she had to go through the tough and hectic task of marketing and reaching out to the customers which is an obvious criterion for survival.

Surbhi’s inspiration comes from Swami Vivekanand and Shri Narayan Murthy of Infosys. No wonder, with such people as inspiration, Surbhi has gained from this. With the support of parents, friends, and relatives …getting a 100 percent support from parents made her climb the toughest of ladders. Her younger brother also supported her coming forward with cybersecurity and technological updates. With a backup of such a wonderful family, Surbhi’s courage knew no bounds. Life took another wonderful turn when she got married on 19th April 2015 to Atit Jain who supported her by providing help with her research and in legal matters, too.



Surbhi has chalked out her future plans. After Providing Complete Class 6-12 Online Study Courses, Video Lectures and Current Mac Clay Education of India in Expert Video Lectures, Chapter Notes, Online Test modes, she is researching on Ancient Bhartiya Gyan that existed since time immortal, the vedic heritage and knowledge source of everything known till now to humans and what is unknown. She is deeply into deciphering it from Vedas making it simpler and then delivering in today’s age learning methods and patterns.

Her message to the youth is – “Work Hard, Be Holy and Pure and the Fire will come”, a quote of Swamy Vivekananda. She also says “जो चाहो सो पाओ | सच्चे मन और श्रद्धा से किये गए शुभ संकल्प सिद्ध होते ही हैं |”

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