April 17, 2024

Udaipur’s Gaurav Developed India’s First Integrated Digital Medical Assistant App – Medhola

med2Research shows that a patients needs to visit a specialty doctor once or twice a year but people crowd specialty medical centers for primary care, even though there are hundreds of capable physicians and paramedical staff available. Medhola saw an opportunity and uncovered this hidden inventory and real-time medical care facility a reality.

Medhola is India’s first integrated digital medical assistance to preventive and supportive medical services. Medhola Beta Version provides supportive healthcare solution by connecting nearby Medical service provider (Doctor, Nurse, Pharma Store, nutritionist, Path-lab Etc.) to user (patient/ attendant) on real time basis, i.e. homecare services on just a click. Second phase would harness the analytics capability to provide innovative Smart Controllers, which would monitor, track, notify and suggest the health indicators on real time.

Its world first mobile application to provide unique features like “COMPARE”which helps user to compares multiple medical services and select services as per requirement. Its features like “E- HEALTH CARD” helps user to store complete medical history and generate copy in PDF which can be mailed/whatsapp in case of emergency to concerned doctor.

Other features like “DIGITAL HEALTH REPORTS”provide an option to store prescription, investigation report, ongoing treatment data etc. which can be access form remote location at any given point of time. Application also provide details like google maps tracker showing GPS location, route and time to destination to user who has booked medical service.

Medhola deploys a technology light platform, providing seamless connectivity even in low coverage zones and has rigorous process for listing medical service provider on the portal, ensuring complete authenticity.

Pricing and availability:

Medhola aims to provide affordable price points, which would be either lower or competitive to current market operating charges. The beta version would comprises of complementary services without any service charges whereas full-service model would be operational by Mar’17 for Udaipur and target is to launch service in all major cities of Rajasthan by the end of the current financial year.

About Medhola

Founder - Medhola

Gaurav Dhakar

Medhola is brain child of local resident Gaurav Dhakar, an alumnus of IIM Udaipur, NMIMS, Mumbai and CTAE, Udaipur. He is a strategy professional with more than 9 years of experience in various sectors like Media, Airport, Retail, Auto Ancillaries, IT, NGO and Govt advisory.

Medhola team has been mentored by medical field veteran having an average experience of 30 years in the administrative and as well as clinical side. Medhola is a true “Make in Udaipur” initiative where complete workforce is based out of Udaipur City. Medhola mobile app is available on Google Play Store and www.medhola.com

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