February 25, 2024

Why Udaipur is the best city to live?

Lake city Udaipur is the best city to live. This is one big fact that has even been mentioned by the tourists, both Indian and foreign. Even those who have lived as paying guests as college students, research scholars, bank employees and a lot more on transferrable jobs have found Udaipur people to be very friendly and accommodating.
The culture of Mewar is such that it houses people from everywhere without a twisted brow. Treating the guest with respect and following “अतिथि देवो भव:” runs in Mewari blood. The land of Mewar has always paid respect to all irrespective of caste, colour or creed. This is one positive aspect of the entire Mewar region. Udaipur, the city of lakes, with the positive effect of water (it is believed that water keeps the minds cool and balanced) has always attracted people from the world over because of its friendly attitude.
Apart from culture, the city offers a lot to fascinate everyone. Earlier it used to be considered as a small place with much less modern amenities and basic facilities as compared to the other cities of the world. But even in its minute form, it has been able to capture hearts. Now with various technological, structural and economic changes Udaipur has become one of the top most city that has magnetic properties.
Even the inner lanes of the city where it may be difficult to take vehicles, the beauty of old buildings capture every photographer’s mind. The lakeside views are absolutely mesmerizing.
One strong point that has been noticed in the past decade is that many people who have gone out of the city for the purpose of earning have actually come back to settle in Udaipur as no other place gave them a feeling of home. People want to settle here as it is peaceful enough to spend a life after retirement. Do we need more words to express that Udaipur is the best city to live?
Students come from all over the state to study in the lake city and while going back they take memories…unforgettable memories of its beauty, its approach, its people, food, means of transport and biggest and most important is that females have found it safer than other cities they have been to.
Since the city is not extraordinary large in area, it is very easy for anyone to reach from one point to the other in very less time. Also, the basic needs of food, clothing and even boarding and lodging are very conveniently available. Eating out has never been a problem, though time constraint with respect to late night eating joints sometimes feels awful. The city has a variety of eating joints and at reasonable costs which people can easily afford and they, all seem flooded most of the times. The system of home delivery of food seems very convenient for students since food reaches the destination point in time.
People living away from their home in Udaipur get emotional in expressing that they have found new parents in the company of landlords. Udaipurites certainly have loving hearts.
The city’s climate is also comparatively better than most of the other places. Since the city has a lot of spots that offer peace to the tired minds, they are flocked by the tourists as well as localities. Lake city celebrates all festivals with pomp and shows making it even more loving since religious fraternity is one of the biggest points that keeps people connected and aware of Indian culture.
Now that the city is growing in talent, various entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs who have carved a niche for themselves have made it more famous. The world now knows that the soil of Mewar has enough talent in every molecule.
You don’t need a magnifier to find Udaipur on the world map, this loving and peaceful city has made its mark…a bold one.

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