February 25, 2024

Meet Vaibhav Chouhan, Founder – Zigsaw (The tool that creates a path for employment)


zigsaw-consultancy3Employment has become a tough task. Even with the growth of companies and the level of education going higher and higher, finding a job drains entire energy. Vaibhav Chauhan came to aid with his recruitment agency by the name Zigsaw in our very own city of Udaipur. Born on 9th October 1990 he did his schooling from St. Anthony’s and holds an engineer’s degree. He describes himself as HR by choice who worked in TATA Power for 3 years with one year in Learning and Development. He started Zigsaw in October 2015.

He says his work pattern differs from the regular recruitment companies. Until now his city mates were paying to get a job, but now with his company in function they get paid when they refer their friends for jobs.

While talking about the establishment he said that the company started working on Test Algorithm in summer of 2013. 18 months into R&D, they realised the need to focus on the acceptability of the product and decided to start work on recruitment.

The company is a recruitment service which helps companies get talented employees and help job seekers get an employment of their choice. Zigsaw is a recruitment product which connects job seekers and job providers on an open platform. The portal is an open portal unlike others. With the recruitment applications like OTG that improve recruiter efficiency by 800%, Zigsaw plans to continuously innovate across recruitment process and make things much simpler for job seekers and providers both. They also envision gamification of recruitment process.

As for the inspiration behind his venture, Vaibhav commented that he had started working on Test Algorithm in April 2013 and was looking for a technical co-founder. Despite the fact that many were there, he was not able to connect with even one. This incident pushed the company to focus on the application of test algorithm than the problem itself.

Similar to a lot of other start-ups , Vaibhav also faced a lot of problems and also felt like quitting. But those tough times made him go further. He says “What you do in the tough moments determines how far you wil go.” That definitely is an inspirational thought.

He puts forward the qualities of perseverance, passion and accepting technology as an enabler. Since apps and online services do play an important role, Vaibhav suggests Microsoft Excel and google spreadsheet which enable sharing of documents.

The live inspiration for him is Mr. Arun Singhal,Faculty and Career Service Advisor at IIM, Udaipur with whom he has discussed ideas and gained insights for analysing plans and developing through them.

Perseverance is the most important success tool. It is more important than skill, ability and networking, opines Vaibhav. He quotes Albert Einstein “IT IS NOT THAT I AM SMART, IT IS JUST THAT I STAY WITH PROBLEMS LONGER”.

We quote Vaibhav here because these words flowed out from the depth…

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. – Mark Twain.

Vaibhav also poured out his love and respect for his family who supported him throughout his journey till date. His L&D(HR Dept) role from Tata power would have made people assume otherwise, he said.

His positive approach reflected a lot when we asked him about the points to be thought about before jumping into any business. His words ‘Would you do if there was no money involved? Would you do it if you were to do it as a hobby? If the answer is YES, go for it’… and he said it all.

His plans are to become the largest communication channel for all job seekers and providers envisioning 5000 jobs and 50000 job seekers by June 2017. He wishes to bring the concept of gamification to recruitment in the next 2 years. Vaibhav quoted a scene from the movie Troy where Brad Pitt is leading a boat attack on Troy and there is one soldier asking him what he sees ahead. Brad says Immortality.

Achievement – February end 2016, Zigsaw started focussing on Udaipur recruitment ecosystem. Now a facebook group has been built by the name “Jobs in Udaipur(by Zigsaw)” having 22000 members sharing 5 jobs on daily basis. His heart fills up with pride as this group was created from scratch in 9 months.

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