December 1, 2023

Foods to be eaten in INDIAN summers- security guards for the summer kicked body

Temperatures have gone high and humidity level has escalated. With such scorching heat, we humans tend to suffer from appetite loss. As a result, we feel drained physically and mentally both. All this results in dehydration which has taken lots of lives. In such a fiery climate, we need a lot of cooling foods for our body. Since we cannot survive without eating and drinking, effects of growing temperatures can be fatal. Let us consume certain food stuff that helps to keep our body cool and hydrated.


Some people prefer staying away from raw onions used in salads because they give bad breath. In fact, onions should be consumed both during lunch and dinner as they prevent sunstroke. The cooling properties of onions can beat a lot of other things in fighting the heat.
Coconut water
This is one thing which is easily available throughout the year. Easy on the pocket, the coconut has enough cooling properties full of sugar, electrolytes and all those essential minerals that keep our body hydrated.
Every Indian home is used to setting curd at home in all seasons. The curd is also a delicious digestive food with plenty of cooling properties. Cabbage, cucumber, grapes, pomegranate, tomatoes and onions can be added to curd to eat as a whole meal. It can also be consumed in the form of ‘chaach’ and ‘sweet lassi’. A bowl of curd a day helps keep the body cool and also helps a lot in controlling weight.
Watermelon has antioxidants. It is a great fruit that beats the heat, provided it is cut open at home. Never eat the pre-sliced watermelon from the market as it catches enough of diarrhea-causing bacteria which may prove to be extremely troublesome.
Cucumber is one vegetable which is very comfortably eaten as the salad. It has amazing cooling properties and you can also place slices of cucumber on your eyes to soothe them from the heat. The fiber content in cucumber helps fight constipation as well.
Mint or pudina leaves have been used since ages in food and even crushed raw to make juices mixed with rose petals to provide the utmost cooling effect to the body. You can chop mint leaves and add them to curd. A dash of freshly chopped pudina on vegetables also adds to taste.
Orange is the perfect food if you need that tangy touch for your taste buds. The citrus properties of orange are not only refreshing but also beneficial for health in summers due to the fiber present in this delicious fruit.
Lemon can be added to enhance the taste of certain foods. It is best used as lemon juice which also helps fight bacteria in the body. Half a teaspoon of lemon juice taken directly(without adding water) after food helps in killing the harmful effects of food, if any. So lemon should be a regular part of your diet. It has better results when a pinch of black salt is added to it.
Apart from all these, we should avoid eating excessive oily or fried foods. In case of that urge to have fried stuff, make sure you have it with enough green chutney made of coriander(hara dhaniya) and mint leaves with some small buts of green chilli.
Coriander leaves also help fight heat in the body, so do make sure you add plenty of chopped hara dhaniya to your dal and vegetables. Finely chopped hara dhaniya can also be added to that masala chaach which soothes your parched throat on summer afternoons. Tomatoes, onions and cucumbers should become a part of daily diet in summers as salad as the trio is a great security guard for the summer kicked body.
And of course, do not overeat and DRINK PLENTY OF WATER.

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